Faces of Foreclosure

The purpose of this blog is to put a human face on foreclosure.  The banks have shafted American homeowners – they took our money as a bailout, and then, instead of using that money to help us – as they were supposed to do…they took big bonuses for themselves (for crashing our economy and running their respective companies into the ground) they pocketed the money, and bought each other out.

Meanwhile, hardworking, decent, honest Americans began to lose their jobs in record numbers, placing them at risk for foreclosure, and the loss of everything they had spent a lifetime working for and building up.  This is unfair and wrong.

The banks have no problem looking at an account number and saying “Screw you.”  Let’s see if they can look us all in the face and say it.  I am soliciting personal stories of foreclosure caused by economic difficulty – which was caused by the economic downturn…caused by the banks illegal and risky schemes.  I would prefer a photograph to accompany personal stories – though it is not required.

I am NOT looking for stories from people who were irresponsible and who knowingly bit off more than they could chew, and are now suffering the results of those actions…I am seeking the stories of decent, honest, responsible, hardworking Americans who are getting the shaft from their banks – because they were responsible.  all the help right now is going to the people who were IRRESPONSIBLE…leaving those of us who worked hard, played fair and did right…holding the bag and at risk of losing it all.

I do not know about the rest of you, but, the America I learned about in school…if you worked hard, played by the rules, and lived within your means…you were rewarded…or at least you were not penalized!  Now, the responsible people are being penalized, because the banks refuse to work with the people who have been doing the right thing…the honest thing.

It’s time we did something about it.  And to that end, I am putting a very human face on this issue.  These are not my stories…they are yours.

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