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Just a person who believes the banks are giving American homeowners a raw deal. Remember: We The People bailed out the banks when they came crying, when their risky and illegal schemes blew up in their faces. As a result of this, the economy crashed, and hardworking Americans began to lose their jobs in record numbers. this caused many decent, honest, hardworking Americans to be at risk for foreclosure...and losing everything they worked so hard to build in their lives. and now...when We The People need a little help - because of the crisis CAUSED by the very banks we bailed out... We gave them a big fat check when they came crying for help. They have given US a giant middle finger when we asked for help! Time to fight back - time to put a human face on foreclosures. And that is what this blog is all about.

Faces of Foreclosure

The purpose of this blog is to put a human face on foreclosure.  The banks have shafted American homeowners – they took our money as a bailout, and then, instead of using that money to help us – as they … Continue reading

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